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Helmet Heroes is a free to play MMORPG online multiplayer game which you can play on any browser.

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So now that you have a brief introduction to Helmet Heroes, now its time to play and enjoy the game.

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Helmet Heroes Wiki

Here is a Helmet Heroes Wiki section, only place from where you can learn everything about Helmet Heroes & its game-play.

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Helmet Heroes Discussion Forums

Click here to join Helmet Heroes Discussion forums. Here you can discuss any thing official and unofficial about Helmet Heroes.

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Helmet Heroes, Best Online MMORPG Multiplayer Game

Welcome to our official website. Our website is all about Helmet Heroes game. If you people like to play online multiplayer MMORPG games than there is no other game better than Helmet Heroes. While playing Helmet Heroes, you will be the part of an epic adventure and battleground where you can be the hero who save the world from evil. Become a great warrior by wearing a heroic helmet.

You need to create an id to play this online multiplayer flash game. You can also join this game by directly connecting you Facebook profile. This is too easy so what are you waiting for? Navigate to the game page and become a part of this epic battleground.

As we mentioned earlier, Helmet Heroes is an online multiplayer flash MMORPG game, that can be played almost on every browser. Its a very addicting game like Cat Mario Unblocked, as you join the game you will get access to a lot of features like making alliance with your friends from any where in the world. In this role playing game, you can use a lot of character while playing the game. Basic concept of this game is to destroy and eliminate the cruel evil forces. You can raise your pets which can be helpful in fighting with your foes. If you are facing difficulty in the start, you can enhance your game-play by purchasing weapons, helmets and armors.

If you like Helmet Heroes game, than don’t forget to tell your friends about this game. Invite your friends to this game, once they joined the game, create alliance with them to start challenging evil lords.

Helmet Heroes Controls

Controls for Helmet Heroes game are very simple. You can use Arrow keyw or “WSAD” keys to move you character, “spacebar” key to attack and “E” to pick up items.